2 comments on “First Rallycross Competition a Learning Experience

  1. Rallycross may be similar to autocross in concept, but my first few rallycrosses, starting last fall, have convinced me that all of my autocross skills are for naught on the rallycross course.

    I’d guess that you’re losing time the same way I’m still losing time: trying to take corners in the typical way that grip drivers tend to do. On pavement, we try to find the best line in stick to it. From what the experienced rallycrossers in Detroit tell me, it’s better to worry about corner conditions than it is to worry about line; to keep up the momentum, you pitch the car in and adjust your line to where your drive wheels can pull you out.

    It looks like from the video that there are places where you didn’t pitch the car into the corner enough, judging by the tire tracks of previous cars. This would lead to understeer that would retard your momentum. I bet that with proper corner entry you could make second gear work for the entire course…

  2. Left-Foot braking is key. I used that event to learn it.
    For our WRX’s, you need to remove the ABS fuse, and just hang that left foot out over the brake. As you approach the corner, stay on the gas, but do the braking with the left foot.
    The pedal may stiffen, but keep on it.
    As you progress through the corner, if you understeer, ‘squeeze’ (like an orange) the brake pedal and the back end will rotate.
    This allows you to stay in boost and power, but continue through the corner in a reasonable fashion.
    My times improved significantly in the afternoon when I figured this out. It’s something you’ll have to work on to get the hang of, but when you do…it’s a sweet feeling.

    — Casey Szink (Co-Chair of IndySCCA Rallycross program, and Drivers meeting speaker)

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